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Drives and motion control

YASKAWA Inverters

Falowniki CIMR i serwonapędy

Inverters made by world’s leader Yaskawa are of the highest quality and reliability.

They are best fitted to any kind of application – form pomp stations, through mixers to sophisticated machines where proecision on low speed is cruciual:

  • J1000 series – U/f control
  • V1000 series- U/f, OLV control, can be coupled with PM motors
  • L1000 series- lift OLV/CLV inverter
  • A1000 series- top end inverter, U/f, OLV, CLV for IM and PM motors

YASKAWA Servodrives

SIGMA-V servodrives provides excellent precision and reilability. With autotuning and anti vibration function they are easy to apply in any kind of machine.

The new SIGMA-7 series is design with the concept of fast applying in new systems, the best performance and reliability of its ancestors.

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YASKAWA Motion controllers

  • Servodrives interface – Mechartolnik III
  • Available in verision for 4, 8, 16, 32 axes
  • Built-in ModbusTCP, Ethernet IP protocols
  • Expandable by base mount IO modules
  • Expandable by network IO units
  • Built-in solutions for typical mechaical systems such portal or delta robots.
  • Built-in multilevel CAM system