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Switch-mode power supplies SPS

  • Output voltage 24V DC
  • Max output current 10A
  • Power supply 230 V AC
  • Mounting - DIN rail
Switch-mode power supplies SPS
Switch-mode power supplies SPS are designed for industial automation control devices which are supplied 24V voltage.
Perfect for supply PLC controllers, HMI devices, most of sensors etc.. Internal short circuit protection is embeded.

Power supply 180-263 V AC - 47-63Hz
Output 24 V DC (12 V or 48 VDC option)
Max output current 1,5A   3A    5A 10A (option)
Housing metal
Input/output insulation 5,3kV DC
Connectors 1,5 mm2 WAGO

Solid state realys and motor soft-starters
(Carlo Gavazzi)

  • High reliability
  • Silent switching
  • High frequency switching
  • Zero-voltage switching
Solid state realys and motor soft-starters Solid state realys and motor soft-starters

Solid state realys allow replace electro-mechnica realys wherever fine control quality, longest work time and silent switching is needed. They have small size and radiator surface mounting. There are:
- zero-voltage switching relays, swiched by 5-30V DC or 90-240 V AC voltage
- phase controlled relays, swiched by 4-20 current
Range of maximum current: 25A, 50A, 75A, 110A, output voltage 12-280VAC or 24-480 VAC. Single-phase and three-phase version are availble.

Typical applications:
  • welders, extruders, plastic machines
  • ovens, heating tubes
  • power control circuits

We offer softstarters with bypass embeded, designed for inductive motors.

Typical applications:
  • pomps, wind machines, blowers
  • conveyers, mixers


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