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FUJI Electric

Temperature and process controllers made by Fuji Electric use FUZZY LOGIC to improve PID control. This combination provides fast response, high quality of control and supress overshoots.
Self tuning function provides optimal control parameters without any operator action. It is very usefull when setting value or system intertion (i.e. load of an oven) is frequently changed.

Temperature controllers PXR series

Perfect wherever fine and fast temperature control is needed. Various control alghoritms: PIS, fuzzy logic, ON/OFF, heating/cooling is available. Fine autotuning of control parameters function.
Best for control system where high inertion and delays occurs.

  • Applications:
  • - ovens, heating tubes, welders, extruders, plastic and food machines

  • Other features:
  • - 8-step ramp/soak, water proof front
    - opions: binary outputs, PV retransmition, RS-485 (modbus) communication

    Temperature/process controllers PXG series

    All features of PXR series improved few new functions. Switching between automatic and manual control i now availabe. Ramp/soak program was extended, one programmable key on front panel was added.

  • Applications:
  • - ovens, heating tubes, welders, extruders, plastic and food machines, flow and pressure fine control

  • Other features:
  • - 16-step ramp/soak, programmable key on front panel, 8 sets of control parameters

    Process controllers PYH series

    High speed control loop.

  • Applications:
  • - fast and fine pressure and flow control

    Digital thermostat PAS3

  • Applications:
  • - temperature ON/OFF control, heating circuit protection, temperature indicator


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