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LSIS's PLC controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and HMI devices made by LS Industrial Systems (LG) are perfect tools wherever complex control of machine or industrial process is needed. Various embeded functions let you using PID loops, build positioning systems, easy communicate with other devices like invertes, process controllers or SCADA systems etc..

We help our customers in choosing PLC equipment and programming. We offer also complete control system applications using LSIS's controllers.

Compact PLC controllers

  • from 10 to 120 I/O points - Master-K120 , Glofa-GM7U series

  • Module PLC controllers Glofa-GM6

  • up to 384 I/O - Glofa-GM6 series

  • Module PLC controllers Glofa-GM4

  • up to 2048 I/O - Glofa-GM4 series

  • HMI devices

  • Colour touchscreens 5.6" - 12.1"- PMU-x30
  • Graphic mini HMI, resolution 192x64 px - XGT

  • Free of charge tool software

    Easy, user-friendly and free of charge software let you get to know functions and capabilities without any costs.
    Many wizards help you bulid your communication interfaces with other PLC or SCADA.

    Download LSIS's software:

  • KGL-WIN 3.64 - Master-K series programming tool
  • GM-WIN 4.10 - Glofa-GM series programming tool
  • PMU-Editor 2.3 - PMU touchscreens programming tool
  • XGT Panel Editor 1.1 - XGT Mini HMI programming tool

  • All documentations you can find in DOWNLOAD section.

    You can make all loader cables yourself - all connection diagrams included in catalogues and manuals.


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