Foster Gdańsk, Katowice - D±browa Górnicza Sterowniki programowalne PLC, serwo napędy, falowniki, regulatory, enkodery inkrementalne, automatyka przemysłowa


- main buisness

We are polish distributor of world leaders in industrial automation:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • HMI - colour touchscreens and mini grafic HMI
  • LS Industrial Systems (LG group)
  • Frequency drives (inverters)
  • Yaskawa, FUJI Electric
  • Servodrives
  • Yaskawa, Metronix
  • Temperature and process controllers
  • FUJI Electric
  • Multichannel recorders
  • FUJI Electric
  • Incremental encoders
  • Metronix
  • Planetary gears
  • Planetroll

    Other automation equipmet:

    • power supplies
    • solid state relays, power regulators (Carlo Gavazzi i Celduc Relais)
    • indicators
    • pressure transmitters
    • level and flow sensors (Milltronics, Endress+Hauser)
    • etc.
    We offer also:
    • Control Systems Applications
    • PLC programming and running automatic control circuits
    • help choosing and completation automation equipments


    - a piece of our history

    Foster was founded in 1995. Main buissness was service of machine industry companies. Our expierence allowed as also to approach flow and pressure meter and controll systems in other industry branches.

    We started distribiution, application and service of Fuji Electric frequency drives. Reliable technology Fuji Electric got us to distribute also excellent temperature and process fuzzy-logic controllers.

    Distribution of programmable logic controllers made by LG Industrial Systems was next step in our growing. Since this moment we are able to propose complex solution in automatic control field.

    Sinece 2001 we are distributor of YASKAWA's drives, such as inverters and servodrives.
    YASKAWA is world leader in all mechatronic solutions.

    In 2002 we started our branch office in south Poland, that is in D±browa Górnicza.


    80-171 Gdańsk, ul. J. S. Bacha 20, tel. +48 58 320 15 37, fax +48 58 320 15 39, e-mail:
    41-300 D±browa Górnicza, ul 11. Listopada 1, tel./fax +48 32 264 99 59,